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Rowing is water based sporting activity in which racing between athletes on lakes, rivers or the ocean takes place. The racing boats are propelled by the reaction forces on the oar blades by pushing them against the water. The rowing water sport events are held for recreational purpose or for competitive purpose, wherein the overall fitness of the players plays a major role. Rowing is quite a popular water sport across the world and is among one of the oldest Olympic sports. The details about rowing forms are mentioned below:

Sweep Rowing: In this form of rowing, every participant held one oar with both hands. It is done in pairs, like fours and eights. Each rower in a sweep boat is known as either port or starboard, depending on which side of the boat the rower's oar is extending to. Most of the times, the part side is referred to as stroke side, and the starboard side as bow side.

Sculling Rowing: In sculling each participant gets two oars, one in each hand. Sculling is usually done without a coxswain, in quads, doubles or singles. The oar in the sculler's right hand extends to port and the oar in the left hand extends to bow side.

Rowing water sport comes under the category of those non-weight bearing sports which make use of major muscle groups, including quads, biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles. Rowing is a sports event which helps in improving the cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength of the body. The increased power is achieved through increased length of leverage on the oar through longer limbs of the athlete. There is a good thing associated with rowing which is that it is a low impact activity with movement only in defined ranges, so there are very rare chances of twist and sprain injuries. However, there are chances that the repetitive rowing action can put strain on your body joints such as knee joints, the spine and the tendons of the forearm, and inflammation of these are the most common rowing injuries. If one rows with poor technique, other injuries may surface, including back pains. Therefore it is best to enjoy rowing under some professional guidance and by taking full precautionary measures.

The upcoming rowing events in the coming year of 2010 are mentioned below. During October 29 to November 7, 2010 the World Rowing Championships will be held at Lake Karapiro, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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