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How to Find the Best Fantasy Sports Websites for You

Fantasy sports have become big business, with billions of dollars being made every year by various fantasy sports websites. And it’s easy to understand why: fantasy sports are exciting, fun, mentally challenging, and a great way to compete against friends, family, and co-workers. Finding the best fantasy website can take a lot of careful research, but can reward you with huge dividends down the road? Especially if you choose a site like Fantasy Feud, which gives players the chance to win real cash prizes.

First of all, you have to ask yourself what kind of fantasy sport you want to play. Not every website will support every type of sport. For example, has a great fantasy football website, but nothing about basketball, baseball, or soccer. It’s the same with the site. These sites offer some of the easiest to understand formats and thousands of player with which to interact, but are specific to an individual sport. These sites are perfect if you just want to play one sport.

Professional sports journalism sites, like, offer a wide variety of fantasy sports in which to compete. These sites often have a fantasy sports expert, as well as point projections, tips, and easy to understand formats. Many of these sites offer fantasy sports for free, making them a great source of fantasy sports fun. They even let you create your own leagues, with a variety of teams. However, many of these sites will make some options unlockable only by paying a subscription fee. These payments often somewhat limit the appeal of these fantasy sports websites.

Many fantasy sports enthusiasts believe they shouldn't have to pay to get the best possible fantasy sports service. After all, with a little hard work, they could play fantasy sports on paper. After all, that's how fantasy sports were played for years before fantasy sports websites made it possible to eliminate all that tedious work. That's why the best fantasy websites offer players free access to their features, while also offering big cash prizes for participating.

The best sports fantasy sites are those that give you access to multiple sports, are completely free, and that offer you actual cash prizes. Yes, most fantasy sports leagues include a pay in value that helps give the fantasy champion a little extra cash in his pocket. However, that money is always donated by the players themselves and is rarely more than a few hundred or thousand dollars, at the most.

Sites like "Fantasy Feud" actually offer prizes as high as $100,000 for lucky fantasy players. These are the kinds of sites you should join, especially since they offer these kinds of prizes without asking you to invest money.

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As a child, Mike Campelson dreamt of becoming a writer and as a lifelong sports fan, blogging about sports was a natural fit for him. His followers can find great tips to help them get ahead in their fantasy sports leagues, and they can even get involved in short-term or long-term leagues at You can also check out the Fantasy Feud sports blog for great tips on how to get ahead in your league!

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