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The rugby union is a team sport and is believed to be a football form which originated in England in the early periods of the 19th century. The one form of rugby union, the rugby football involves running with the ball in hand. The rugby union matches are played with an oval shaped ball on level grounds or on a level grass surface. The dimensions of play ground are up to 100 m long and 70 m width. At both the extreme ends, there lie H-shaped goals.

The story describing the invention of rugby union sport goes like this. The credit of its invention goes to William Webb Ellis who in 1823 ran with the ball at Rugby School after allegedly catching the ball while playing football and ran towards the goal position. However, there are no solid evidences about rugby union origin. This story got popular at the school with a plaque unveiled in 1895. In 1848, the first rules were written by pupils. From the time of its formation in 1886, the International Rugby Board is the governing body for rugby union. There are 115 members of the national unions. The International Rugby Board in 1995 took away all the restrictions regarding payments to players, thus making the game of rugby union openly professional at the highest level for the first time.

The first rugby world cup was organized for the first time in modern day era in 1987. The important point to know about rugby union world cup is that it is held after every four year and with the winner of the sporting event walking away with the Webb Ellis Cup. The other major international championships in rugby union which are organized every year are the Six Nations in Europe and the Tri Nations in the southern hemisphere. Apart from these championships, domestic competitions are also organized in different parts of the world which include the Top 14 in France, the Currie Cup in South Africa, Guinness Premiership in England, and the Air New Zealand Cup in New Zealand.

One of the major upcoming rugby union events in 2010 is the Women's Rugby World Cup which is going to held at various sites across London, England.

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