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Canadian Football

The Canadian football is a team sport. It is a form of a type of football, known as the gridiron football which is exclusively played in Canada. Hence it is named as the Canadian football.

Here is some information about Canadian football, describing in brief how it is played. Well, it consists of two teams and there are twelve players in each team. The teams compete for territorial control of a field of play which is about hundred meters long and fifty nine meters wide i.e. (100mx60m). The teams try to advance a pointed prolate spheroid ball into the opposing team's scoring area which is the end zone.

In Canada, depending upon the context the term football is usually used to refer to Canadian football and American football collectively or either a sport specifically. The interesting fact is that although these two sports have shared origins and are closely related, however they have significant differences also. Continuing with our discussion about Canadian football, let us explore its origin. It is believed that the Canadian football has been derived from the rugby football in Canada which has its origins in the early 1860s. The Canadian Football League which is the top professional league of football in Canada and the Football Canada, the governing body for amateur play, trace their roots to 1884 and the founding of the Canadian Rugby Football Union. The teams which are active at present are known as the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats also share similar longevity. The presented below is the information about the major football leagues and the upcoming events in Canadian football.

The Canadian Football League which is considered to be a popular and the only major professional league in the Canadian football arena has a championship game, known as the Grey Cup. This is Canada’s single largest sporting event and is watched by large number of Canadians live through television mediums. The Canadian football competitions held at various levels such as the high school, the junior, the college level and the semi-professional levels. The Canadian Junior Football League and Quebec Junior Football League are meant for the players between the ages of eighteen to twenty two. Other than this there are so many post secondary institutions compete in Canadian Interuniversity Sport for the Vanier Cup, and senior leagues such as the Alberta Football League have grown in popularity in recent years. The great achievements happened in the Canadian football are sainted in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

The one of the upcoming events in Canadian football is the 98th Grey Cup which is going to take place on November 28th at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. So, be there and enjoy watching the game.

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